Monday, November 28, 2011

Tournament of Heroines - Team Bryn!

If you are a lover of strong heroines in YA than you will definitely want to pay attention to this post.

During the summer, the wonderful ladies of YA Sisterhood hosted the YA Crush Tournament, in which a number of YA boys were competing against each other to becomes the ultimate YA Crush. This December, they are hosting another tournament, this time honouring YA Heroines.

While I just stuck to voting with the Crush Tournament, with the Heroine one I decided to be more involved and signed up to be an advocate. I will have the great pleasure of advocating in favor of Bryn from Jennifer Lynn Barnes's Raised by Wolves series. I absolutely love Bryn and I can't wait to mount my defence for her.

Bryn's first match will be on December 7 and she will be up against Tris from Veronica Roth's Divergent. This will definitely be a tough match since Tris isn't half bad herself, but I still have high hopes for Bryn.

Basically I'm writing this post to ask for your support. If you can spread the word for the wonderfully amazing Bryn I would be eternally grateful and if on the day of the match you vote for Bryn, I will love you even more.

I've made a simple button to support Bryn, and if you want to to show your support feel free to take the button, or even make your own. And be sure to follow me on Twitter to stay updated on all things Bryn!

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  1. Wish I could help support with why I love her, but I don't know Bryn :( - on the plus side I now know of her so will look into Raised by Wolves!

  2. Great post Emilie! Just wanted to stop by and say hi! Please let us know if you need anything! Go Bryn!!!


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