Wednesday, April 25, 2012

While He Was Away Blog Tour: This or That with Penna

As part of the blog tour for Karen Schreck's While He Was Away, I have the pleasure today of hosting Penna, the main character in the story. She was nice enough to answer some This or That questions for me and here is what she had to say.

Coffee or Tea?
Strong coffee, perfectly doctored. Most definitely.

Summer or Winter?
Winter. And fall. And spring. Because come summer, he's away.

Morning or Night?
Night. Mornings are for sleeping in afterwards.

Chocolate or Candy?
Ice cream. Shared right out of the carton.

Sweet or Salty?
The perfect combination of both. There's nothing like pretzels dipped in that ice cream.

Phone call or Text?
Not a big fan of so-called modern technology these days. At least, not for long-distance relationships. But when there's not static or lost connections, I'd take a phone call over a text. I mean. His voice. Come on.

Movies or TV?
Movies on TV. The chairs in the closest theater are smelly and sticky. Springs poke thought the torn seat cushions. I tore my favorite jeans one night, plopping down with a tub of rancid popcorn to watch some forgettable flick. Give me the comforts of my couch and my reliable, microwave, low-fat Orville-Redenbackers  any day.

E-mail or Snail Mail?
E-fail. That's what I call it (see Phone Call or Text). I am all about the handwriting. The doodles and drawings. The smell of his skin on the page.

Love or Friendship?
Like sweet and salty, the perfect balance of both is the way to go.

Thank you to Penna for answering these questions. Be sure to follow the rest of the blog tour through The Teen Book Scene's website!

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