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Stupid Fast by Geoff Herbach

Title: Stupid Fast
Author: Geoff Herbach
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Release Date: June 1, 2012
Source: Purchased
Buy the Book: Amazon / Book Depository
My name is Felton Reinstein, which is not a fast name. But last November, my voice finally dropped and I grew all this hair and then I got stupid fast. Fast like a donkey. Zing!

Now they want me, the guy they used to call Squirrel Nut, to try out for the football team. With the jocks. But will that fix my mom? Make my brother stop dressing like a pirate? Most important, will it get me girls--especially Aleah?

So I train. And I run. And I sneak off to Aleah's house in the night. But deep down I know I can't run forever. And I wonder what will happen when I finally have to stop.

Despite the fact that I kept hearing how great and hilarious Stupid Fast was, it took receiving a copy of the sequel for me to finally pick it up. And then I realized I'd really been missing out. Because Stupid Fast really was a hilarious read.

Felton Reinstein has never really been anything extraordinary. But then he has a major growth spurt and discovers that he's actually a pretty great athlete. And now everyone wants something from him. That's how Felton finds himself spending his summer training for the upcoming football season, even if he's never played football before. But then his mom starts to slowly go crazy and Felton can't help but feel it might have something to do with football. But football is also what is helping him get the attention of the beautiful piano-playing Aleah. But when things really start getting out of control at home, Felton isn't sure what to do anymore.

So. Why I waited so long to read Stupid Fast has become a bit of a mystery to me. When everyone kept saying that Geoff Herbach had written a hilarious story they weren't lying. While reading Stupid Fast I pretty much always had a smile on my face when I wasn't outright laughing. And that probably had to do with how the story was told. The way it was written made it so it was like Felton was talking directly to the reader and the way he did that just made me smile and laugh. So basically Felton was why I laughed so much.

I don't think I've met a character that has ever made me laugh as much as Felton Reinstein did in Stupid Fast. He just has a way about him and thew ay he says things always seemed to put a smile on my face. And how he got himself in half the situations he got himself in, I can't even being to imagine. But it made a great character. And all the characters in the books were amusing to me. None of them were exactly completely normal and it ultimately made for some great entertainment. And all of them together made for some pretty funny situations though there was often a deeper undercurrent at the same time.

Stupid Fast was a fabulous and hilarious read. Geoff Herbach wrote an incredibly funny story that still managed to be serious at certain moments. Stupid Fast is a book I can't help but want to recommend, so if you haven't read it already, I strongly recommend you do so.

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  1. I really like when you read a book and can't understand why it took you so long to get to it. This sounds like a great coming-of-age book and especially with a male character. Great review, something I may actually be interested in.

  2. Nice review! Good to know it was hilarious to read, I might just get it for my friend who loves books like this. Click into TTeenage Fiction if you have the time?

  3. I've also heard this is a really funny book but I've but off reading it as well. Maybe it's the football that's making me hesitant?
    I had no idea it was a series! I really need to cave and give this book a chance.


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