Saturday, October 6, 2012

Stacking the Shelves (16)

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga of Tynga's Reviews. It's a weekly post where book bloggers showcase the books they received throughout the week.

This week was a pretty good week. I've pretty much put myself on a book buying ban except for a few books that I've decided ahead of time I can buy. And those are the only ones I'm allowing myself to buy. We'll see how long this actually lasts. But at any rate, this was a great week so here's what I got.


- Who I Kissed by Janet Gurtler - I have yet to read any of Janet Gurtler's books, but the summary for this one really caught my attention and so I'm really looking forward to reading it.

- Blaze (or Love in the Time of Supervillains) by Laurie Boyle Crompton - This one doesn't come out for a while which is maybe why I hadn't really heard about it. But it definitely sounds interesting and I'm looking forward to reading it close to the release date.

- Scarlet by Marissa Meyer - So I talked about this one last week, so all I'm going to say is that I am unbelievably excited about this one. And now that I have my own copy I can take my time reading it.

- The Kingmakers by Clay Griffin & Susan Griffin - I read the first one in this series over the summer and was really surprised by it. I still have to read the second, but as soon as I do I will be reading this one.


- Eve & Adam by Katherine Applegate & Michael Grant - This was one of the books on my list that I'm allowed to buy. I've been pining for this one for quite some time so I'm really happy to now have a copy.

So that's it for me this week. I will now be going back to cooking Thanksgiving dinner, so for all you Canadians, have a happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your long weekend. And as usual, leave me a comment and I'll try to stop by and see what you got!

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  1. Lots of good book! ;) :) I hope you'll enjoy them all :) :) And happy thanksgiving ;)

  2. Oh boy, I better read Cinder soon! Scarlet sounds amazing! Who I Kissed looks like a good one too!
    Great stack, enjoy :)

  3. I got Blaze and Who I Kissed this week too. Super excited to discuss them at the next meet up!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Congrats on all of the awesome books! I hope you enjoy them all, happy reading! ^.^ If you would like to check out my Stacking The Shelves you can do so here. :)

  5. I loved Cinder and somehow I missed that the next book in the series was out. It's definitely on my reading list - hope you enjoy all your books.

    Tanya Patrice

  6. LOVED Cinder, can't wait to continue on with the series. :) Hope you enjoy! Also, Who I Kissed and Eve & Adam! They both sound great.

    See what books I got!

  7. Who i Kissed looks really good !I also got Scarlet this week! :) Great haul!

    Giselle @ Xpresso Reads

  8. I have heard so many good things about Eve & Adam I can not wait to read it! Blaze also sounds really interesting, I hadn't heard of it until today but I'm adding it to my TBR list ^^

    My Haul


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