Saturday, January 12, 2013

Stacking the Shelves (19)

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga of Tynga's Reviews. It's a weekly post where book bloggers showcase the book they received throughout the week.

So I haven't done a Stacking the Shelves post since some time in October. I obviously can't remember all the books I've gotten since then so this week's post is going to include what was waiting for me when I came home following the holidays. I'll be honest and say it kinda felt like Christmas all over again. There were all these packages of awesome waiting for me, and here is what they contained.

(Since there are a fair amount of books, I won't be talking about each like I normally do)

For Review:
- Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys - I'm part of a blog tour for this one so check back on February 20.
- The Ruining by Anna Collomore - Another blog tour--check out my review on February 13
- Furious by Jill Wolfson
- Midwinter Blood by Marcus Sedwick
- One + One = Blue by MJ Auch
- When We Wuz Famous by Greg Takoudes
- Unremembered by Jessica Brody (x2 - a good home has already been found of the extra copy)
- Things I Can't Forget by Miranda Kenneally
- Emblaze by Jessica Shirvington
- Nobody by Jennifer Lynn Barnes 
- The Gypsy Kind by Maureen Fergus (E-galley - Not Pictured)
- Every Never After by Lesley Livingston (E-galley - Not Pictured)

Big thanks to Penguin Canada, Macmillan, Raincoast Books and Media Masters Publicity for sending me these books to review.

Bookish Things:

-Carrier of the Mark/Shadow of the Mark swag from author Leigh Fallon

- Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini-themed jersey (bought from Rad Graphic). 

So that's all for me this week. As you can tell, my mailbox was quite busy while I was away. I also have two giveaways going on at the moment so be sure to check those out (Just One Day & Decked With Holly). As usual, leave me a comment letting me know what you got!

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  1. Yay, Out of the Easy! I'm so looking forward to that one, I hope you enjoy it! You had a lot of awesomeness waiting for you :-D

  2. Your Team Fate jersey is AWESOME! I really hope you get to read Goddess in advance because you are the biggest fangirl for this series that I know.

    You got some amazing sounding books while away! Can't wait to discuss Emblaze with you once we have both read it.

  3. I'm actually reading a copy of Midwinter Blood right now that I got from Shelf Awareness. So far, very different from other books I've read, but also very intriguing. Looking forward to your review of it some day!

  4. EMBLAZE!!!!! I am so jealous! I am a huge Phoenix fan, even if he is evil.

  5. Um, so I may need to steal some books from per usual! Great pile and I can't wait to hang out soooooon! We have lots to discuss (aka gush about Crimson Frost).

  6. Wow, you've got a ton of great books there! I hope you enjoy all you got :)

    Here's my STS!

  7. You got some amazing books this week! I've been meaning to check your blog out for AGES now after following your Twitter so I'm really glad that I've finally got around to it!
    I'm a new follower and LOVE your blog! :)

  8. WOW! That is a great stack of books, and some sweet swag too :) I hope you like Out of the Easy, and Emblaze! I alos love your blog design, it is so light and fun! New follower!

  9. I am so jealous of Things I Can't Forget. I want that book so bad! Happy reading!

    Here’s my Stacking The Shelves!

  10. Great haul this week! I can't wait to read Out Of The Easy and Unremembered they both sounds really good =D

    Emily @ Falling For YA

  11. Yaaay I got Furious too! :D I can't wait to read it -- it sounds amaaaazing! Also, I'm jealous of Unremembered!

    My Stacking the Shelves


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