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Starcrossed Week - Why others love Starcrossed

I am not the only person who has read and loved Josephine Angelini's Starcrossed books. As amazing as they are, it shouldn't come as a surprise that others share my feelings. So keep reading to see what others have thought of these wonderful books.

Kathy from A Glass of Wine
As someone who has been lucky enough to read all three novels in Josephine Angelini’s trilogy, I knew immediately what I wanted to talk about when Emilie asked me to contribute a few sentences on this amazing series - the set up involved. Josephine has laid everything out in the first two novels out perfectly. The characters, their importance and the setting all lay waiting like dominoes for Josephine to move that first piece and send everything else falling into place. It’s this set up, and execution that left me awe struck when I closed the last piece. This trilogy ends the way it HAS to because any other ending wouldn't fit the carefully planned structure that cumulates in the stunning finale.

The Starcrossed series has, over the years, become one of my favourites, and this is for a number of reasons. One of them being the subject matter. I am a huge fan of greek mythology and I especially like it when it is retold in novel form. The Helen of Troy myth has been done before but not like this. Set in modern times and add in superpowers and you have one supercharged series. An amazing love story doesn't hurt either. I mean the sexual tension and the forbidden aspect drives this story forward in ways you cannot even imagine. The characters and the plot line are unique and extremely well written. This is one series you should not miss, it is a must read for sure. 

Meaghan from Feeling a Little Bookish
I read Starcrossed a few years ago for review and I really enjoy reading it.  One of the things that I really enjoyed about this novel is that while it is a novel with some Greek mythology elements to it, it is not overt and in your face. Angelini doesn't bog down her story with too much background on greek mythology. She added this into her story in a way that flowed really well. I also love that Helen finds out that her life may not quite be what she has been told and she doesn't automatically change her entire life and not question things.  She does want to rebel a bit but she doesn't completely change who she is. She continues to hold her relationships dear and she makes an effort to try to fit into her new lifestyle.  Starcrossed is a great novel and if you haven't started this series yet you need to go out and pick it up ASAP.  

Lost At Midnight Reviews
I think two of the best things in Starcrossed were the reimagined mythology and the family dynamics. I loved the way Josephine Angelini recreated these classic myths while still keeping the tradition strong. I was fascinated by the plot line and the way the Greek mythology was woven into the story. It was fresh and interesting and made me want to learn more! I also adored the Delos family! Coming from a big extended family, I could totally relate to the chaos in the house and the hilarious interactions. The clear bond the family shared warmed my heart and made for a fantastic book! I mean really, mythology and awesome characters? How could you not love it!

So there you have it: more reasons to read the Starcrossed trilogy. And if you missed it yesterday, be sure to check out all the giveaways I have to celebrate these awesome books!

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  1. Okay, so you ALL love this series. I think I'm getting the point here, Emilie ;) I'll get on it, I promise! This is definitely getting me more excited about the story, though!

  2. I've never read the Starcrossed books. To be honest they've always flown underneath my radar but seeing all these great endorsements from bloggers I adore/trust. I think I finally need to give them a shot.

  3. I love how everyone has said similar things about how great the books are, and yet there's variations in each answer as well... it definitely convinces me that these are must-reads!


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