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Shadow of the Mark Blog Tour - Guest Post

Today I have the pleasure of taking part in the blog tour for Leigh Fallon's second book, Shadow of the Mark. As part of the blog tour, I have the honor of having author Leigh Fallon here on the blog to discuss the importance of setting in a story. And be sure to keep reading for your chance to enter a giveaway.

The importance of setting - why set your story where (and possibly when) you do.

For me, the setting of a story is as important as the story itself. I like my setting to be a character in my book. It has meaning, presence, and a bearing on the plot.

In the Carrier series, Ireland plays a role.  It is central to the story, where the lore began, it holds the magic deep in its core. The remnants of Danu’s great power still emanates from the echoed soils of old. It’s a living breathing, feeling thing. It takes no sides. It simply is.

The different character traits of the setting were imperative for tone and mood. Ireland’s weather is brooding. The cloud and rain are always present like a somber drape cloaking the rich and ancient landscape. But when the sun breaks through, the light brings warmth, hope, and sets off more shades of green than you can possibly imagine. It’s an amazing sight.  Then the wind that that constantly whips and the coastline, gouges out a rugged coastline, and sculpts the most unusual landscape is a constant reminder of the power of nature and how we are at its mercy.  Ireland is timeless. We humans are merely blips on its timeline, our impact on it, minimal.

Ireland’s scenery, weather, and history, created not only a beautiful backdrop, but also a complex and multilayered entity that would weave through each characters everyday life and eventually, become part of them.

I always use careful consideration when choosing a setting for a story. It can impact every aspect of a manuscript. It is not just a landscape in which to set a story, it is a platform providing emotion, conflict, mood, tone, conflict, and intrigue. Pick the right one and you can create a vivid world that people will connect with and immerse themselves in.

About the book:
Their love could destroy them all.

Through the ages, Marked Ones have harnessed the powers of the four elements: Water, Fire, Earth, and Air. Much about the elements is shrouded in mystery, but one thing is certain: A relationship between two Marked Ones has the potential to cause widespread devastation.

Megan and Adam—Air and Water—are determined to defy the risks.

But the power that swirls inside Megan is growing in twisted ways. And the closer she is to Adam, the closer Megan comes to unleashing a dark force that could spell destruction for the entire Marked line.

About the author:
Leigh Fallon was born in South Africa, raised in Dublin, Ireland and moved to Cork in her 20's. While living in beautiful Kinsale, her novel, The Carrier of the Mark was conceived. She promptly abandoned her 'riveting' career in corporate treasury and discovered Inkpop, a website for budding writers of teen fiction. Within weeks her manuscript hit the coveted top five spot and was reviewed by an editor at HarperCollins. A few emails and some hysterical screaming later, she signed her first deal. Leigh and her family now share their time between Ireland and the US.


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