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Something Real by Heather Demetrios (Giveaway)

Title: Something Real
Author: Heather Demetrios
Publisher: Henry Holt BYR
Release Date: February 4, 2014
Source: ARC from Publisher
Buy the Book: Amazon / Book Depository / Indigo
There's nothing real about reality TV.

Seventeen-year-old Bonnie Baker has grown up on TV--she and her twelve siblings are the stars of the one-time hit reality show Baker's Dozen. Since the show's cancellation and the scandal surrounding it, Bonnie™ has tried to live a normal life, under the radar and out of the spotlight. But it's about to fall apart…because Baker's Dozen is going back on the air. Bonnie™'s mom and the show's producers won't let her quit and soon the life she has so carefully built for herself, with real friends (and maybe even a real boyfriend), is in danger of being destroyed by the show. Bonnie™ needs to do something drastic if her life is ever going to be her own--even if it means being more exposed than ever before. 

All you really need to know about Something Real by Heather Demetrios is that you should read it, because it's awesome. In case it wasn't clear, I absolutely loved it. And hopefully, by the time you finish reading this review, you'll be convinced you should read Something Real. Also, I apologize in advance if this turns into me just gushing about the book.

Chloe Baker thought she wouldn't have to be Bonnie Baker ever again. At least that's what her parents promised when their hit reality show, Baker's Dozen, was taken off the air. But now, her mother has decided the family should be back on the air. Just when she thought she was finally having a normal life with normal friends, the cameras are back to capture every moment of Chloe's and her twelve siblings' lives. With the cameras around, Chloe is afraid everything she has worked so hard for is going to fall apart. But in the middle of all this comes Chloe's chance at a real relationship with the boy she's always wanted. How can she have something real, though, when everything about reality TV is fake.

Guys, I loved this book. Like hugging-it-and-babbling-incoherently-about-it-to-my-roommate loved this book. Contemporary is always a safe bet for me so I knew I would enjoy Heather Demetrios' Something Real, I just didn't know I would love it quite as much as I did. Once I started reading, I just couldn't seem to stop. There was just something so compelling about the story. The concept as a whole is what initially drew me in: seeing how reality TV affects the people who are behind the camera. And as expected, that made for a very heavy and dramatic story, which I loved. But there was also a good amount of humour thrown in, which I loved even more. But what really made me love Something Real was the characters.

Right from page one, I loved Chloe. She was flawed and damaged and perfect. And she was real. More than anything I wanted her to find a way to escape everything her crazy family was putting her through. And I adored her relationship with her brother Benton. So often, good sibling relationships aren't really portrayed in YA. Here, you could tell that Benton and Chloe really needed and relied on each other when the rest of their family just turned a blind eye on their struggles. In general, though, I loved the whole support system Chloe built for herself. I loved seeing her with Mer and Tessa, her two best friends, or with Benton and his boyfriend Matt. And when they finally clued in to the fact they both liked each other, I adored her relationship with Patrick .Because Patrick was perfect. he was there for Chloe and didn't try to make her do anything she didn't want or be anything she wasn't. Be he also didn't just sit back and let Chloe jerk him around; he made her fight for what she really wanted (hint: him). And so Patrick was perfect and adorable, and him and Chloe were perfect and adorable together. And I would also like to take this moment to claim Patrick as my new book boyfriend. I'm pretty sure if you read the book, you'll be doing the same thing.

In case it wasn't clear enough, I more than loved Heather Demetrios' Something Real. Believe me when I say that this is a book you won't want to miss out on. And don't be surprised if you find yourself unable to put the book down once you start reading it. 


Because I loved Something Real so much and want to share the love, I'm giving away a copy of the book. All you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter form below. Giveaway is open internationally, wherever the Book Depository ships.

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  1. I love when the characters really shine and I think it happens more (and almost feels like it has to more) in contemporary than in speculative fiction because they tend to be what really drive the story, so I'm really excited to hear that they were so fantastic in this one! I'm glad you mentioned all the different relationships Chloe has with the people in her life because those are always great to read about. I've heard such awesome things about this one and I'm glad you loved it too! Can't wait to read it!

  2. This sounds like a more modern version of Cheaper by the Dozen. I'm really intrigued by the reality TV show aspect and how it effects Chloe's life. I'm looking forward to reading this =)

  3. I can definitely see similarities between this and REALITY BOY which is a good thing! That book goes behind the scenes of reality TV too and I'm curious to see how this book approaches that. Seems like there are some wonderful relationships in the book too - always a win! Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I'm dying to get my hands on this one. I have heard nothing but good things about it and your review just adds to that!

  5. The cover of this book is pretty awesome! The book sounds interesting too, can´t wait to read it!

  6. I'm so glad you loved it! I keep hearing more and more good things about this book, so I definitely think I'll have to check it out.

  7. WHOA! I put this as a Waiting on Wednesday a couple weeks ago expecting it to be a fun, cute read. I did not expect this level of love - but I keep hearing from bloggers about just how much they loved it. Definitely going higher on my TBR thanks to this review. Thanks so much for the awesome review, Emilie!

  8. This sounds like an amazing book. I really hope to win so I can read it!


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