Friday, June 12, 2015

Vacation Time!

As of today, I am officially on a different continent! For the next two weeks, I'm on vacation, doing a bit of travelling around Europe with my awesome friend Jessica (you might know her from Twitter or her blog).

So what does that mean for the blog?

Because I'm apparently somewhat on top of things despite having just come back from BEA just over a week ago, I have some blog posts scheduled to post while I'm away. So you can expect a few reviews but other than that, I'm pretty much disconnecting for the duration of my vacation. I'll probably still pop up on Twitter every so often, but typically it ends up being at weird times because of the time difference between Europe and North America.

I will probably be posting pictures of my trip on Instragram, though. So if you're curious about where I'm going and and what I'm seeing, go follow me there!

I'll be back in July!

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