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East of Redemption by Molly E. Lee

Title: East of Redemption (Love on the Edge #2)
Author: Molly E. Lee
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: June 8, 2016
Source: ARC from Author
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Easton Wells has spent years burying his guilt by digging up some of the world's most renowned treasures while surviving the dangerous terrains in which they're located--all captured for television. When his producers threaten to axe the show, he has no choice but to turn to the last person he still trusts--the girl he left behind.

Rain Walker has made a name for herself documenting wild and endangered animals, and the last voice she expects to hear while shooting in South Africa is Easton's. He's more gorgeous than she remembers, but the pain in her heart is as fresh as ever. They'd once planned on spending the rest of their lives together, but after her father's tragic death while on expedition in Israel with him, Easton bailed on their future together without an explanation. It's been nine years, and yet the intense love they shared seems only a moment ago.

When he asks her to film his latest treasure hunt, Rain wants to turn him down instantly. But when he explains it's to the same cave that swallowed her father, she can't say no. She wants to experience the last place her father was alive, and she's beyond curious about what happened to the boy she used to love.

They've got two weeks to locate a treasure that's been lost for centuries, or Easton will lose the one thing in his life he's come to depend on. As their old passion is reignited--and dark secrets uncovered--they face the extreme terrain of the mountain range that threatens them at every turn. As more than the wildlife and sharp drop-offs tries to kill them, Rain starts to question if the legendary treasure they seek--the same one her father died trying to unearth--is truly meant to be found, or if some things, including their feelings for each other, are better left buried.

I discovered Molly E. Lee a few months ago when I read her debut novel, Edge of Chaos. I got completely wrapped up in the story and once I finished reading I knew I would be reading all her future books. And as much as I loved Edge of Chaos, I loved her latest, East of Redemption, even more.

Earlier this year I read Molly E. Lee’s Edge of Chaos and absolutely loved it. So I was majorly excited to find out that she already had another book coming out so soon. Not only that, but it sounded like such a different kind of story for romance and I couldn’t wait to read it. And guys, East of Redemption was absolutely amazing. I just couldn’t seem to get enough of the story. And that’s because, all things considered, it’s a pretty high-stakes story. I mean, Easton and Rain were on the hunt for a possibly mythical treasure located in dangerous caves with people intent on stopping them on their trail. And that’s just the half of it and I won’t say much more on that so as not to spoil it for everyone. So let me talk about the romance instead. There wasn’t a single moment where I didn’t want Easton and Rain together. Pretty much from page one you know they’re perfect for each other and they care for each other. They just need to let their shared past get in the way, but as usual that’s easier said than done. And it didn’t stop me from rooting for them for the entirety of the book. The romance in East of Redemption just worked for me. I loved it, but most importantly I loved the people the romance was about.

So hypothetically, how would I go about finding myself a gorgeous, athletic, thoughtful yet cocky treasure hunter/would-be archeologist? Because after reading all about Easton in East of Redemption, I think I might want someone like that but I don’t want to steal Easton away from Rain because they are so freaking great together. For real though, I loved Easton and for so much of the book my heart pretty much broke for him because of all the guilt he was carrying around. Guilt that he didn’t need to be carrying but that he was carrying all the same. And I pretty much want to be best friends with Rain. I loved getting to read a story where the girl was saving the guy just as much as he was saving her, if not even more so. That’s how Rain and Easton’s relationship felt. I loved seeing Rain’s strength and her courage, how she wasn’t afraid of what kept getting thrown at her along the way. Much like with Easton, there was just so much about Rain that I loved. And it should go without saying that I loved the two of them together (yes, I know I’ve already said that).

Molly E. Lee's East of Redemption was a phenomenal read. It struck the perfect balance between action, adventure, romance and angst and I loved every single page of it.

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  1. I really enjoyed Edge of Chaos and I can't wait to read this one too! :D It makes me happy to hear you loved it even more.


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