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Understanding Market Research Coding

Market research coding is mostly used to quantify the answers to open-ended questions. In market research coding different words, pictures or phrases can be assigned different codes so that the information can be analyzed quantitatively.


Survey Research

This is a branch of market research which involves posing different questions to your respondent so that you can know about their thought on the same issue. In survey research, you can either use open or closed-ended questions depending on the issues and the usage of the information you are collecting.


Open and Closed-Ended Questions

The only difference between open and closed-ended questions is that in closed-ended question you are limited to certain answers, i.e. you are given some multiple choices while in open-ended you are not. An example of a closed-ended question is a “yes” or “no” question.


Data Collection

In Survey research data is mostly collected through interview or questionnaires. This is where you come up with a set of question which the respondents are supposed to answer. You can get the answers to this questions by asking the respondents the questions (interviewing them) via the phone or directly or by giving them a set of written questions (questionnaires) directly or via the web for them to answer. Therefore depending on the method, you used to conduct your survey your response can be electronic data or text, handwritten paper, and video or audio recording.


Key Issues in Data Collection

For you to collect data successfully, you require a cooperating respondent and an appropriate way to record or capture the answers.


dataLooping and Branch Dialectics

Looping in a research survey is a technique used to simplify the survey. For example, if you want to ask similar questions about two car model, you can loop our survey to ask the same question. Branch logic. This is another technique which will help you to get the answers from the respondent based on how they will answer the above-related questions. For example, if the first question is a “yes” or “no”, the second question can be “If yes explain the benefits of the above product”



A sample can be defined as a representation of the whole population. In short, it’s the respondent who will respond to your survey. Sampling is also very important in data collection and survey research since it will help you in saving both time and money.


Trackers and Waves

Having in mind that market research coding helps in data analysis, the data can be analyzed once or twice depending on the issue being investigated. A tracker. This is a research survey which is analyzed multiple times and is mostly done in equal intervals waves. This is the intervals through which are done.


Verbatim Coding

This is an important branch of market research coding. After the research survey, the answers are assigned different codes. These codes are called codebook.


Downstream Data Processing

Once all the answers have been coded, then your findings are ready for analysis. Analytical software care mainly used to analyze and organize the results of the survey.